Cardiovascular Exam prompt

The thing I said earlier about “using OSCEs”?  This is what I mean.

My cardiovascular exam prompt looks like this:


Overview of the CVS examination summary

Now, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that this is not going to get you through a post-graduate clinical exam.  I’m not even sure that would have got me through finals.  But it’s a scaffold that I could build information on.

Because for each of those points, I could generate a mind map or another list.

For each of those points, I need to know how to demonstrate that sign; what it signifies; and what clinical conditions it’s associated with.

It’s another example of learning to think backwards.  The MRCPCH starts with the clinical examination.  In order to make sense of the jigsaw, you have to be able to find the pieces (perform the examination), and put the picture together.

For example, one key finding is cyanosis:



And there’s another list somewhere that links cyanosis with other features (e.g. cyanosis + heart murmur = cyanotic heart disease)

This is why I have so many notebooks.  Because notebooks are how I work.

BTW, my handwriting does not normally look like that.  That’s the neat version because this was at the beginning of the book.  By the end, things looked a little different…


Slightly psychedelic CVS notebook…

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