The MRCPCH & Notebooks

Here’s the thing… I like notebooks.  Not the shiny, technology driven kind (although if anyone tries to take my MacBook away from me, I will be very cross…).  Proper notebooks: hard covers with pictures; thick, expensive paper; that “new book” smell… hmmmm…

I have revision notes.  For the MRCPCH, I think I have rather a lot of revision notes for the simple reason that I failed the clinical the first time around.  In fact, I failed so badly, that I was asked not to come back in the following session. (If anyone thinks that their exam went badly, it didn’t.  I have yet to meet anyone who did as badly as I did.)

Second time around, I dropped 4 marks.

So now I have notebooks, with revision notes, and I can’t face throwing them away just yet.  .. They all look so pretty…

This is really an attempt to hold onto my notebooks for a little bit longer, before I say good-bye… And get some new ones…


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